Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy and Healthy Kale Chips!

Hey, stranger! It's been a while, but things are great and I'm still trying to be crafty, just not as much as before. It kind of comes in waves for me. But I am knitting a scarf and I'm definitely going to need it soon because winter has definitely hit Wisconsin.

Tonight I experimented with a new recipe: kale chips! I've heard that kale is very good for you, but I find it bitter tasting and I'm not a fan. But turning them into chips takes that bitterness away and they're freakin' delightful!

Start by tearing the kale into big pieces, leaving the stem out. I lined a couple baking sheets with parchment paper to make clean-up easier. Spray with olive oil. Do you guys have one of these Misto things? They're great and I highly recommend them.

Here it is, ready to be seasoned. 
KitchenAid Misto Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer Bottle

My aunt got me these amazing salts for Christmas and I was so excited to use them. 

After putting on the oil and whatever seasoning you want, bake them at 300 degrees for 20 minutes. They shrink down a lot!

I could barely wait until they had cooled and you definitely can't eat just one!