Sunday, August 5, 2012

Refrigerator Pickles

I have been a fan of my friend, Kim's, homemade pickles for a couple of years now. Recently, I got the urge to emulate her and try my hand at them. She was kind enough to give me her recipe and it couldn't be easier. They're refrigerator pickles, which is great because you don't have to worry about sealing or canning them. 

3 cups white vinegar
1 cup sugar
4 T. salt

Let the brine sit at room temperature for about two hours, until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Fixins (per jar - enough for 2 quart sized or 4 pint sized mason jars):
4-5 small pickle cucumbers, sliced
1/2 small onion, diced
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
3-4 cloves (optional)
2-3 T. chopped dill

I'm lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that has a Sunday Farmer's Market only a half a block away. I got my veggies there for super cheap, enjoyed a little walk, and supported my green-thumbed neighbors! 

These babies will sit in the fridge for two days and then be ready for devouring!