Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunburst Clock

So, apparently some people think these gold sunburst clocks are tacky. I happen to think they're rad. We have one hanging in our living room, much to Dan's dismay. He thinks it looks like something from his grandma's basement. It's also consistently fast, but really, it's just for decoration, not time-telling purposes.

But when Jess wanted to offload a different gold sunburst clock from her grandma's basement, I snatched that right up! I'm going to be such a great old person.

I turned to my trusty friend, spray paint, to modern this clock up a bit. I promise you, not everything in my home is spray painted, although it may seem that way.

While I usually do my spray painting outside, this time I did it in our basement because it's too cold for paint to dry. It took about 5 minutes, one coat (Rustoleum satin spray paint in aqua), plus touch-ups, so the fumes were minimal.


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