Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ruffle Pillow

I found a great tutorial on for an adorable ruffle pillow. It seemed doable, so I gave it a shot. I bought some 20% wool cream colored felt for $7.99 per yard (felt is expensive!) and matching thread at the fabric store. 

Not only is Sprecher Cherry Cola the most delicious drink, it also helped with tracing the 60 3" circles I needed for the ruffles. I used my blue fabric chalk to make the circles. Unfortunately, some of the circles still had blue chalk on them that could not be on there. All of the edges of the ruffles will show once they're sewed on the pillow. So I had the tedious task of washing each circle. I also ironed them all after they finished drying. Maybe next time instead of tracing all of them, I could just trace one and use that as the pattern for the next and cut around that. I just think that might leave room for messing up the cutting. I'll think about it.

60 circles. They look like potato chips. Not pictured are the two pieces of 11" X 19" panels for the pillow. I elected not to add a zipper as the tutorial suggests.


I hand sewed each disc. I folded it in half, made a few stitches, folded it again and made a few stitches. Next time I think I'll do this step on my machine.

I hand sewed all 60 discs to one of the panels and pinned them right sides together.

I machine sewed three sides. My mom and my nephew stuffed it with poly-fill for me. Such great helpers!


I sewed up the last edge by hand. Here it is, in action!


  1. GORGEOUS!! So FANCY. And those circles DO look like potato chips.