Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bike Pack Cover

I haven't found the perfect pattern yet for my new fabric. I will get to it, though! In the meantime, I whipped up a little something tonight. It's a cover for the pack I have attached to my bike.

I started with this cute fabric from Hobby Lobby (or Hobby Lobotomy, as my husband calls it).

I cut out a circle-ish piece for one end and a long piece for the cylindrical part. I didn't bother with being too careful about the look of these pieces. All of the ends would be tucked in anyway because I used only topstitching for this project. The end with the zipper I just left alone. It's easier that way.

Despite my best intentions I completely forgot to take ANY pictures of my steps along the way. I guess it's good that I was really in the zone.

I sewed the two pieces together first. Then I cut a slot on the end because there is some velcro there, which runs along the side of the pack. I left this area open as well. Then I sewed all along the edge by the zipper so it won't come off.

Buttercup is ready to hit the road in style!