Sunday, October 3, 2010

Circle Skirt

I think this circle skirt project was just the thing to to take my mind off the two projects I have halfway completed (short skirt made with Anniversary Fabric and the red and white Hawaiian dress). With some gorgeous wool, black and white check fabric from my aunt and some help with construction from sewing-guru, Amy, I was able to whip it up in mostly one evening.

We used one of Amy's circle skirts to cut the shape out on the bias of the fabric:

 I sewed up one side of the skirt, then held it up to my waist to see where to sew it up on the other side. Some of the fabric at the top had to be cut off so it would fit around my waist. Then I sewed the other side, stopping approximately seven inches from the top to allow for the zipper. After that was in, I added a waistband.

After a little hand-sewing to touch up some areas, I pinned it to a length I liked and hemmed it with the steam-a-seam stuff and it was done!

It's the perfect length and weight for fall and winter!

I'm thinking of making another, fuller one with the Anniversary Fabric. What do you think?


  1. Love it! So cute. Also, I need your boots. Tell me about them please.

  2. Thanks so much! My boots are Ciao Bella brand and I got them three years ago at DSW. I love them and they go with everything.

  3. Adorable! You have an amazing eye for clothes-making, lady!

  4. It fits you like a glove! I love it and yes to the next one, too.

  5. your skirt is amazing! I started sewing 3 years ago but i stopped after one year because of the time, but I love it so much, I wish i could make my clothes for myself to x
    i follow you !