Sunday, April 4, 2010

Egg Salad

I'm still working on dress #2! It's going well so far, but I think it will take me another few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy my sister's fabled recipe for egg salad.

Like a good runny brie cheese, this egg salad should be made when the eggs are still warm.


6 hard boiled eggs
3 second squirt of yellow mustard
3-4 large T Hellman's Mayonnaise (eye it for creaminess)
1 t Kosher salt

In a bowl cut up the eggs into small to medium chunks; careful to not overmix
Add a 3 second squirt of yellow mustard
Add about 3 large tablepoons of mayo
Add 1 t salt

Fold ingredients together; taste.

This recipe is so simple and I've tried it twice but it never tastes as good as my sister makes it. I'm thinking the secret ingredient is magic.