Sunday, May 16, 2010

Connecticut, Providence, and Boston

Yesterday when we left Philadelphia we headed to Hartford, CT. We intended on going to Abyssinian Ethiopian Cuisine but it when we got there it was closed! Kind of disappointing since we were in the car for a while. We went to a cafe next door and it was dece.

We also intended on going to the Museum of Natural Curiosities and other Oddities but we couldn't find it for the life of us, so we just headed to Providence. It was too bad CT was a bust but Providence is so beautiful! We wandered the neighborhoods and saw a lot of old colonial houses. All of the houses were so gorgeous.


After our stroll we hit the road to Boston. Okay, this city is awesome. We headed straight to Faneuil Hall Market and found parking (after a while). The weather was perfect for all of the walking we did - sunny, breezy, and cool.

I looked cool on a bridge:
We checked out a cool cemetery and a squirrel came right up to me.

Major props go to Pamela for giving us the heads-up about the Banksy sighting on Essex St. in Chinatown! This was a delight to find.
This child had just fit his whole body into this newspaper stand:
We discovered we look really good in tri-corner hats.
After grabbing our complimentary freshly baked cookie, that our hotel provides, we went to dinner. Myers & Chang was fantastic. The place is really cute and the food was really tasty. Our server, Gigi gave us some awesome recommendations for our Portsmouth stop, which we are really looking forward to.

Dan's Alaskan King Crab with chili and curry and stuff.
Crispy fresh rolls and tofu "steak" on soba noodles with a lemony cilantro sauce.

A couple hours later we got ice cream cones at Toscanini's (butter Heath bar for me, hazelnut for Dan)!

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