Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Salem and Boston

Our second day in Boston we decided to take a day-trip to Salem. Our first stop was the Salem Witch Museum. It was really cheesy. You go into the main room and a voice from the loudspeaker tells the story of the 1692 witch trials as a series of vignettes light up around the room.

We walked to lunch at the Gulu Gulu Cafe and I had a cheese plate. Dan had a crepe. Nearby there was a Samantha statue:

We walked around Salem some more and saw this awesome ship:

Dan directed me to make a pirate pose:

On our way out of Salem, back to Boston, I got a ginger lemonade and it was so good. I want to remember to get some ginger so I can add it to things. We hung out at the hotel until dinner time. I chose an Ethiopian place in Cambridge, Asmara. The food was FANTASTIC. I got a vegetarian combination and honey wine.

This doesn't really fit in anywhere, but our hotel is near a Target and we went in to pick up a few things. I happened to find my perfect dream comforter for the bed; yellow, gray, and white! It was the last one. I can't wait to put it on when we get home.

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