Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Milwaukee to West Virginia

Today was the first leg of our road trip! We knew it would be the roughest drive for the whole trip but it actually turned out to be a bit worse. We thought it would be about 9.5 hours but our directions were wrong so it was more like 12. Most of the drive was dull and boring, scenery wise, and the whole drive was under cloud cover, but boy is it gorgeous in PA and WV! It's really hilly and green. Another fun surprise was that the song Billie Jean came on the mp3 player, randomly, while we were driving through Gary, IN!

We're relaxing here at our nice hotel in Morgantown, WV. I can tell it's a pretty place, even in the dark. I look forward to seeing it in the day time.

Anyone who has ever worked with me will find it pretty funny that I ate Panera today for a very late lunch but it ended up saving my life! When we arrived in Morgantown at about 10:00pm the only thing open was a 24 Hour McDonalds and I can't eat that crap.


  1. Love it Ellie!
    And by the way Chris says there is no beef scary stuff in the fries. It's canola oil; trans fat free.