Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Sur, San Simeon and Cambria

After grabbing breakfast at the adorable Mariposa Inn we headed off to Pfeiffer Park to see some redwoods. The views on this leg of the trip were so amazing. I can't even really describe it. We stopped on the side of the road whenever we felt like it, to snap some pics. I know the photos can't even do it justice! For most of the ride, the fog was entirely over the ocean so it felt like we were above a cloud.

We reached Pfeiffer park and I hiked! You guys! Like 3 miles and that is A LOT for me, as you probably know. But I did it, after just a tiiiny bit of complaining. They have a cute little waterfall there so I got some pics for posterity. At this point I feel the need to give a shout-out to my friend, Kate and the Born Susanne boots. Kate is a friend and one of my fashion inspirations, so when I saw her rocking the Born boots I knew I wanted to copy her and get some of my own. I hiked in these and they were awesome. There is no "breaking in" period for these boots. You put them on and they are comfortable for all day wear. It's crazy but I'm SO glad I got them and then bought another pair in black. Ha! Thanks, Kate! I will be copying you more from now on. Twins!

After grabbing a post-hike snack, we headed further south to San Simeon for the Hearst Castle tour. It was really fun and the house is amazing. I wish I could live there. We got to see several rooms inside and spend as much time outside on the grounds as we wanted. The tour guide was so awesome and knowledgeable that it would have been great to be able to see more rooms inside and learn more about the house. I think I saw at least two carpets that look just like the ones my parents have. The outdoor pool was really something spectacular. The tour guide made all of us jealous when she explained that the pool was going to be closed off for an employee swim that evening. Lucky!!

After we had gotten our fill of the Hearst Castle we hopped in the car for a very short trip to our hotel, Moonstone Landing, in Cambria. Cambria! Who knew? It's such a cute little seaside town with a ton of boutiques, shops and restaurants. You could really spend some time here exploring. The front desk lady at our hotel nailed it with her restaurant recommendation. She even called them right up and made our reservation. The place is called Robin's and it was so fantastic. Amazing service and phenomenal food. I'm really glad we got this recommendation because I had done a little research and found a place that I wasn't really excited about.

Moonstone Landing is also another great find. Our room is super nice and has a lot of perks. Technically this place and Mariposa Inn are motels because the room doors are on the outside, but I'm really feeling it. This is totally the way to go because they are super convenient to get in and out of with luggage, are much cheaper than hotels, and come with a lot more charm and perks!


  1. hmmm.... I'm not saying the boots aren't comfortable.... but 3 miles might be just the beginning of your new hiking habit if you tried it in a hiking boot - which I'm pretty sure doesn't usually have a 2 1/4 inch heel. ;-)

    Loving the travel blog!

  2. I know, you may be right! They definitely weren't ideal but they were better than the tennies I brought.

    Thanks, Patricia!

  3. HOORAY!! I am soooooo happy that you are loving your boots!! Isn't it amazing that you can even HIKE in them?! And look cute while doing so! Yay, twins!!!