Monday, September 19, 2011

San Francisco and Monterey

We had a great evening in San Francisco - our friend Lyndsey took us to Shalimar, an awesome hole-in-the-wall, authentic Indian place. After that, Dan and I hit The Utah for a Jonny Corndawg show. The venue was divey and intimate. Jonny put on an amazing show and it was nice to chat with him afterward. I'm really glad we went.

The next morning we headed to Brenda's Cafe for brunch. Their menu of French soul food was really unique and we were super excited. We weren't too stoked about the 40 minute wait for food but my granola pancakes with fruit were delish. There was granola covering the top of the cakes, which gave it a really nice texture.

After exploring some coffee shops, clothing stores, and book shops in the Mission we hit the road for Monterey! We headed straight to the Monterey Aquarium and it was so, so fantastic. One of the best "museums" I've ever been to. The seahorses exhibit was especially fantastic. 

After walking around for a while we headed over to check into the Mariposa Inn. This place was totally fantastic - nice big rooms with H20 bath products (my fave!), fireplace and a huge comfy bed. I wish we could bring this place with us on our travels. They have a pool and a hot tub, too. Dan found this place and it was way cheaper than a lot of places in Monterey.

Dinner was one of my finds, Lalla Grill. They have a big menu and the food was really great. Dan got a steak and twice baked potato with crab and gorgonzola. The steak is buried under there somewhere!

I got two small plates, which were really filling. The sweet potato gnocchi and goat cheese ravioli.

I think tonight we'll relax in our awesome hotel and watch some Breaking Bad. Ahhh, vacation!

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