Thursday, September 22, 2011

Santa Barbara

After grabbing a quick breakfast at our hotel, we headed south to Santa Barbara. On our way we stopped at an In and Out Burger. I told Dan, "I'm like a real person, going to a fast food place!" Uh, as a vegetarian I don't go to any really, but it's probably not something to brag about. Dan got a burger and we both got an order of fries, Animal Style! I guess you have to be in-the-know about their secret menu. Dan figures that the California laws about posting nutritional information has a little something to do with the secret menu. Here you've got fries, gooey cheese, carmelized onions and a sauce that instantly made me nostalgic for a Big Mac (that thousand island-type sauce or whatever it was)!

As soon as we got into Santa Barbara I knew that I loved it. Even the street signs are adorable (some sort of polynesian font! Why can't I find a picture?)! Our first order of business was getting a cupcake from Crushcakes, per Julia's recommendation.

Here is the Strawberry Blush cupcake I ordered:

And here is Dan's pumpkin cheesecake:

We wandered around outside of the Santa Barbara Mission and took some goofy pictures. 

We hadn't booked a hotel for this city, and I was a little wary because many people mentioned how expensive it was to stay here, but we found a cute place that ended up being the cheapest place, so far, on our trip! After we dropped off our bags, we walked down the main strip, State St. and shopped. At the end of State St. you hit the ocean and it's just gorgeous. 

We had some okay Thai food and then caught a showing of Drive at a cute movie theater there. 


  1. So - what cute, cheap sleep place did you find?

  2. I probably wouldn't recommend it to everyone - it's very no frills and some reviews thought it was worse, but it's called the Sandpiper Lodge.