Saturday, September 24, 2011

Los Angeles

We said goodbye to the lovely Santa Barbara and hopped on the 1 to LA! The views were gorgeous, as usual. Malibu sure looks like a nice place. Ahh, to be rich. We rolled into Los Angeles just in time for lunch, at Susan Feniger's Street. This meal was absolutely amazing. I started out with a tamarind, ginger cooler and Dan and I shared some of these crazy appetizers: 

Think "spicy Rice Krispie treat." There is marshmallow, turmeric, black currant, fennel, and probably some other things I'm forgetting. They were really unique and delicious. We also shared the Kaya Toast, which is toasted bread with coconut jam that you dip into a fried egg that has been drizzled in soy and pepper. A really neat combination of the sweet coconut, that was almost custard like, and the salty soy sauce. 

For my main course I got the Banh Mi Baguette which typically has meat on it but I was able to get mine vegan (an option for many dishes here, which was great).

Dan got a cheeseburger and thought it was amazing. Angus beef, Vermont cheddar (seriously, Vermont knows how to do cheddar) a yuzu kosho sauce (?!) and homemade pickles, which I stole. We both left stuffed!

Our hotel is technically in Pasadena but it sure is cute here, too. There are some great views of the mountains across the way. Next up was the MUCH anticipated dinner at Cube Cafe. Dan and I got a cheese plate to share and for my main course I had the black truffle pizza with mozzerella and fried egg. It was fabulous.

The highlight of the meal, however, was the s'more pie. Served in a teacup with a salty, buttery graham cracker crust, melty dark chocolate and gooey marshmallow. It was heaven.

After dinner we zipped over to see old friends before calling it a night. Oh, I almost forgot - Cube was the location of my first celebrity sighting here. Do you guys know Chris Hardwick? He's a comedian and back in the day he had a weird dating game he co-hosted with Jenny McCarthy called Singled Out. Anyway, he was standing outside with his date who had on pointy elfin ears. After she finished her cigarette, they came inside and sat down. A few minutes later another couple joined their table; some guy and another girl with elfin ears. !! Weird. 

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